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SMTP Relay

SMTP relay helps in ensuring that the email messages are delivered to the right recipient,
by verifying the recipient’s email address and checking for any possible spam or malicious content.
To secure the email communication, SMTP relay servers use authentication and encryption
techniques to prevent unauthorized access and protect the privacy of the email message.

SMTP relay services are widely used by organizations of all sizes, including small businesses,
and large enterprises. They are also used by email marketing companies, e-commerce businesses,
and other organizations that require reliable and secure email delivery.

It’s provide a convenient, efficient, and secure solution for organizations looking to send
large volumes of emails. They help organizations save time, improve email delivery, and ensure that email
messages are delivered to the right recipient, making them an important tool in the modern business landscape.

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Email Credits
High Speed Server
IP Rotation
Anti Spam Features
Open, Click and Bounce Tracking
Configured with SPF, DKIM, DMARC, MX and rDNS
Auto IP Warmup
Delivery Insights
1 Month
1 Month
1 Month
1 Month
1 Month
Domain Blacklist Monitoring
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