Transactional Emails

Vcom Web Tech offers tools and services for businesses to send automated, triggered emails to customers. These emails are typically used to confirm transactions or updates, such as purchase receipts, account creation, password reset, and other types of notifications. These emails are different from the typical marketing emails, which are sent to a large group of recipients with the goal of promoting a product or service. Transactional emails are typically triggered by specific actions taken by customers, such as making a purchase, signing up for an account, or requesting a password reset. These emails are designed to provide valuable information and improve the customer's experience with a business. Some popular transactional email service features are email tracking, analytics, and the ability to customize email templates. Additionally, many transactional email service providers offer APIs that allow businesses to integrate their email service with their website or application. This allows for easy automation of triggered emails.


Intergrate our Email API with your Website, CRM and System with channelised emails through our network.


Campaigns are automated using segmentation of you customers preferences.


Our SMTP servers are speed optimised and having 3500 ip pool network, Automatic warming up tools are embedded.

Price List


  • Campaign Builder
  • Template Drag and Drop editor
  • High Speed Server
  • IP Rotation
  • Anti Spam Features
  • Open, Click and Bounce Tracking
  • Configured with SPF, DKIM, DMARC, MX and rDNS
  • Auto IP Warmup
  • Delivery Insights
  • Domain Blacklist Monitoring

Frequently Asked Question

Vcom smtp servers are having warmedup ip pools so they can delivery every mail to inbox.

You will get web base access to email marketing application that was having drag and drop template editor, campaign scheduler, You can create templates and run campaigns on it.

Normally we give the access to Email marketing application, If you required smtp details to integrate another interface details are shared.

You will find us whenever you need us. It’s truly 24/7! support and guidance  from us.

We have plans based on email sending volumes, They can be customized to your requirements.

Note: *Prices exclude VAT/Taxes

Vcom offer fair and transparent policy, you can mail us we will issue refund.